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4-Jun-2010, 13:44
Does anyone have a photo of, or info on the lens shade bracket used on Century or Agfa studio cameras? These usually have a black cloth thrown over them, so I've only seen bits and pieces of one.

Louis Pacilla
4-Jun-2010, 15:07

I have a solution & it's time appropriate. It is The "Eastman adjustable lens hood #1". Fits all my lenses from big down to most of my 360cm lenses. It will go down to about 3 1/2"'s & wraps around my 20 " J&D cone. That's about 6-7"'s. Also can be used on all my studio cameras. Very cool item. I don't think they are easy to find. However I think fairly easy to make. here are a couple of snaps to give you a visual


4-Jun-2010, 19:52
Louis and CCB,

I actually have one of these that I am willing to part with, but I have no idea of price. Any idea what it might be worth?

4-Jun-2010, 22:08
Any chance of getting a picture anyway? I'd actually like to see one myself.

5-Jun-2010, 06:35
here are a couple of views.

The interior is completely covered with a black velvet flocking material.

5-Jun-2010, 06:37
Okay, I can't the files to the right size, (why does this site demand such tiny file sizes when ebay and others can use huge ones?). so if you want to see images, please send me an email address to Tludwigpix@yahoo.com.