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Ty G
4-Jun-2010, 09:12
Well, I got this thing finished. This is not a refurbish or remake, it is a 20x24 from the ground up. It is out of cherry and has rise/fall lensboard, swing and axis tilt on the rear standard.
Instead of me loading down the website's server, here is a link to my webpage images of it. http://www.tyguillory.com/20x24%20Mammoth%20Page.htm

4-Jun-2010, 09:15
WOW! Beautiful

Nathan Potter
4-Jun-2010, 09:22
Can you make film holders for this beastie, and is the back spring loaded for easy holder insertion? Not quite a field camera I guess.

Looks nice.

Nate Potter Austin TX.

Dave Wooten
4-Jun-2010, 09:31
Impressive, very nice!

Michael Jones
4-Jun-2010, 09:33

Ty builds wet plate cameras. The plate holder is at the side of the cabinet.


Michael Roberts
4-Jun-2010, 09:50
Looks great!

Any idea how much the beast weighs?

John Schneider
4-Jun-2010, 09:59
Stunning, both as a camera and a piece of fine furniture.

Ty G
4-Jun-2010, 10:05
Nate, I see you are in Austin. That is where the camera is; I delivered it to Austin yesterday.

Michael, I weighed it without the bellows and ground glass and it weighed 48 pounds. I am guessing complete it weighs very close to 60 pounds. It is impossible for one person to carry because of the cumbersomeness of it, yet two people can easily carry it without much effort at all.

Thanks for the kind words.

4-Jun-2010, 13:35
OMG - would love to see wet plate images from that!

Steven Barall
4-Jun-2010, 13:38
That is a really nice camera. Congrats. Just the fact that that camera exists is good for us all. Woo woo.

7-Jun-2010, 00:58
Wow! Thats an amazing job!! Makes my 12x20 look like a tonka toy!

Brook Martin
7-Jun-2010, 05:43
Are you building a giant silver box to match, or doing the tray method?

Ty G
7-Jun-2010, 07:39
Brook, I am not building the silver bath, Robb had someone at a plastics shop or somewhere build it.

Wade D
8-Jun-2010, 16:44
Great looking camera. Very nicely built. You could practically live in it:eek: .

8-Jun-2010, 21:33
Knowing that this exists makes me happy. Excellent work!