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4-Jun-2010, 06:46
I'm new LF and have started out using Fuji100 4x5 film. I've been through both color and b&w and have used 6 packs total.

It's just now that I recognize a problem with some of the images and I was hoping it would look familiar to someone.

Some details and history:

Gear:Graflex Crown Graphic / Kodak Ektar 127mm / Fuji100c 4x5 / Polaroid 550 film holder
It's always in the same location, but varies in size

I've used color Polaroid film in this camera before with the 545i film holder and don't remember seeing this problem.

It could be possible that when the bellows is extended for a close up shot, the problem is less-pronounced or not visible.

I haven't seen the problem using b&w film with the same setup, but all those images are close up shots.

And finally- yes, I do know that the image is way overexposed.


4-Jun-2010, 07:12
It would have been more helpful to post a properly exposed image so we could more clearly see the problem :-\

Do you mean that thing in the bottom left? You may need to clean the rollers, or make sure you're pulling the film out correctly. I got a blank corner with some "spatter" on my first sheet, but it's been fine since.

http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3283/4610790638_95e6d0fbc2.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/chadcullen/4610790638/)

(Upper right corner)

4-Jun-2010, 08:10
Yes. That thing on the bottom left of the picture. The overexposed picture had the best representation of the problem, that's why I used it. It has the appearance similar to that of an edge of burnt paper.

4-Jun-2010, 10:46

Daniel Stone
4-Jun-2010, 15:42
is the film expired? I've found that with the expired fp-100c45, if its old(like over a year O.O.D.) then the chemicals can get kinda flaky. Just like polaroid ;).

clean the rollers, the problem might just be that there isn't enough liquid chemistry to disribute to that particular corner.

but that's just my opinion.


5-Jun-2010, 06:57
The film is fresh. In fact, more than three different packs of fresh film have now shown this same problem.

I checked the rollers and there is some dried chemical residue. I will clean that off and hope that's all it is.

Thank you for your help.

Dirk Rösler
6-Jun-2010, 21:29
You are pulling it out too fast or not straight...