View Full Version : Omega 45F Bellows

3-Jun-2010, 12:08
Hi all,

I am in need of a replacement standard bellows for an Omega 45F. Any suggestions where I can locate a used one? Not ready to pay $350.00+ for a new one.
Thanks, MB

Gem Singer
3-Jun-2010, 12:57
The 45F has an interchangeable bellows. Easy to replace.

I've seen them come up for sale on eBay.

Also, check KEH.

3-Jun-2010, 13:05
Thanks, I've been monitoring eBay for a few weeks but nothing yet.

Gem Singer
3-Jun-2010, 13:28
KEH has a bellows for the 45F listed, in excellent condition, for $133.

I doubt that you'll be able to find one for less.