View Full Version : Foma Fomalux papers on baryta layer - specimens - free for testing

3-Jun-2010, 07:08
Hi, Foma is preparing Fomalux paper (for contacts) on baryta layer - currently is available only on RC.

Their product manager ask me for writing here, if someone is interested on new batch of these papers on baryta layer. They will send a sort of specimens to one distibution adress for free, and they will appreciate feedback on papers. I think papers will be 8"x10"packed by 5pieces. Available are 10-15 boxes.

Preffered option is one adress as distribution point - if anybody will be also interested, papers will be resent from there.

Is somebody be interested to serve as distribution point?


3-Jun-2010, 07:32
Ok, distribution volunteer was found :-)
Winner is Peter Galea, please write him a PM for specimens, it will be send to his adress soon


3-Jun-2010, 07:37
Does Peter have an address we can use?

3-Jun-2010, 07:40
Does Peter have an address we can use?

Yes, just write him PM. "Peter Galea" is also nickname here

Peter Galea
3-Jun-2010, 07:43
PM works if you do a member search, or email to:
peterjg at pacbell dot net.

Ralph Miyashiro
4-Jun-2010, 08:05
More options in a silver chloride paper? Sounds great. Are there plans for a gloss finish (Fomalux 312 is currently only mat)?

1-Jul-2010, 06:51
I'm working on a POP conversion formula for chloride paper. I would love to try the new
material. Whatever works best will have a small but loyal market with the popheads.
I'll pm when I have more time.

Thanks for the effort!