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10-Apr-2002, 01:29
I saw a post here in the archives relating to Fuji Quickload Holder and the poss ibility of a couple of different models. I am intent on buying a Quickload holder for an upcoming trip, and I notice that there is a difference in price between Calumet (129.00) and B&H (104.00) that seems more than a mark-up differencial. B&H does not provide a photo, so I could not compare obvious differences. Does anyone know if there are 2 models of Quickload holders? If not, is B&H real ly 15-20% less?

David G Hall
10-Apr-2002, 01:36

You'll find that Calumet's prices are almost higher than just about any of the really big photo houses like B&H and Adorama. They seem to make up for it in service and knowledge when you walk in a Calumet. But from film to equipment, there's a pretty consistent differential between Calumet and the others. There has been the ten years I've been shopping around.


David G Hall
10-Apr-2002, 01:45
I did a terrible job of proofreading that response.

Calumet's prices are almost ALWAYS higher than the big stores. And it seems to have been this way for the ten years I have been shopping around for photography things.

Sorry. dgh

Glenn Kroeger
10-Apr-2002, 02:50

As far as I know (I've owned two) all of the Fuji Quickload holders are the same model. They are sold in Japan with a nylon/leatherette case, but it's still the same holder. Badger Graphics has excellent pricing on these and other items.

Daniel luu Van Lang
10-Apr-2002, 07:01
Hi Matt, Your'e right, there is a couple of different models. The Quickload model is like the readyload holder from Kodak, and Fuji has now a new quickchange film holder which is a kind of modern Grafmatic holder with 4 or 5 sheets of film inside. I can't tell you more about it, since I've never used it yet. best regards.

Ellis Vener
11-Apr-2002, 15:47
The Quickload system is not the Quickchange system. Don't be confused by that answer. The difference is the markup. B&H may also be buying from a different source that Fujiphoto USA, the company that is the official importer of Fuji products into the USA.

11-Apr-2002, 17:51
Thanks. I am aware of the difference between the QL and the QC - I was curious about the model types because I have read a few statements about the "Japanese" version (or QL II). From what I gather, I can also use Polaroid films in the QL ? I have a 545i, but as I will be traveling, it would be nice to use both (polaroid and Provia/Velvia) in the Fuji.

Ellis Vener
11-Apr-2002, 19:05
'From what I gather, I can also use Polaroid films in the QL ? "

Thesimple answer is: No.

The Fuji holder doesn't have the rollers neededd to process the Polaroid, and there are probaly difference in film placement relative to groundglass position because ofthe thickness of the Polaroid packet.

Robert White
12-Apr-2002, 06:36
Hello: There is in fact 2 models of the FUJI Quickload back...the original and a new Mk.2...........the only difference as far we can see is the ability to mark the film with a spot to ensure you only use the film once...........The FUJI Quickchange is a different device that we import from Japan that resembles a Grafmatic fimholder, taking 8 sheets of film. I hope this helps Robert

12-Apr-2002, 22:52
Thanks again for all the help!

Sal Santamaura
16-Sep-2003, 11:26
After ten days, Fuji just responded to a question I sent through its Web site. Here's what I asked:

"I have owned a QuickLoad holder since shortly after you introduced them. Early use was with transparency films (the only kind you offered in QuickLoad packets then), but I have recently begun to shoot Acros and NPS in this holder. I never noticed with transparencies, but the holder exposes images significantly off center, shifted toward the notch end. My attention was drawn to this by the extra hole you put in negative films; it's completely -- and significantly -- inside the picture area. My question is, do all QuickLoad holders perform this way? Or is mine in need of adjustment? Or has there been a design change to 'correct' the offset since my early holder was produced? Thanks in advance for your reply and assistance."

Today's email reply said 'Sorry you're having problems, please call this number, then select option 1." I did; after an interminable period of waiting, a human finally answered and transferred me to "Pro Tech Support." The person there, upon hearing verbally what was written above, said:

"No other such complaints have been received"

"It's probably just the nature of the item"

"If you send it in we'll quote around $75 - $90 to 'repair' it"

"You may be better off just buying a new one"

So, assembled QuickLoad holder users, please let me know how yours center images on film. Is there a very narrow margin on the notch end, with a correspondingly large margin at the opposite end? What version(s) do you own, and when did you purchase them? Any difference in this regard between early and late production/versions? Enquiring alleged mind wants to know. Thanks in advance.