View Full Version : Looking for a Good Telephoto

1-Jun-2010, 15:52

I'm looking for a good telephoto lens anywhere from 240mm and up. I'll be using it for 4x5 shooting on my Horseman camera. I've seen the schneider 360mm around but I don't think it's tele... Any thoughts? I know that stand off lens boards are available too...

Peter K
1-Jun-2010, 16:11
A Tele-Xenar f/5.5 360mm covers with an image circle of 230mm 5x7". At infinity the belows-draw is 214mm. This lens is mounted in a #3 shutter, older versions in Compound III/7.

1-Jun-2010, 16:31
10" Tele-Raptar (Tele-Optar) is an excellent lens, quite inexpensive, small and light and takes a 55mm filter.

1-Jun-2010, 17:12
I have a rare one. 400 mm Komura. Info probably will be of no help. But if I could find another in a longer focal length I would buy it in a second. Images from this lens rival the best I can do with any other lens I have. Especially good for after dark shots.

Don Dudenbostel
1-Jun-2010, 21:00
Congo / Yamasaki / chromar 400mm. All the same lens and only takes roughly 215 mm of bellows at infinity. I just sold one and felt it was a very good light weight and compact lens. Very good contrast and resolution. It comes in a copal 1. I had a Schneider 360 Tele Arton and liked it but it was large, heavy and had fringing problems. I've been using a 360/500/720 Nikkor T set for the past few years and feel its the best of the tele lenses that I've used.

1-Jun-2010, 23:11

Fujinon use to make a very nice 300T and a 400T... sharp and contrasty!

They show up every so often on the bay for fairly reasonable prices.