View Full Version : Polaroid Back (545Pro) - How to fix clips...

1-Jun-2010, 13:43
I need help because I can't admit defeat.

I went through about 12 sheets of Type 52 polaroid film and only got 2 images. Some were due to dried chemicals. Others just got so dang stuck, I couldn't (with all my might) get the sheet to pull out. It would get stuck on the clips at the bottom, even though I have the lever in the 'release' position. AND (on top of that) then it would also get stuck trying to get through the top.

I suspect the difficulty at the top was due to mangling of the envelope clip because with enough force, I'd be able to get the bottom of the polaroid 'envelope' to get past the clips, bending the metal in the process in a fashion that made it not flat as it tried to fit through the rollers - sound about right?

I've opened the polaroid back up but I have NO idea how to fix, bend, or otherwise put the clips in an alignment which will work again. I just don't have the vision of an engineer and need some help. So if you'll allow me:

Here is what it looks like...
(Can anyone quickly identify what's wrong with this picture and what I should do to fix?)