View Full Version : turner reich and contact print problem

echard wheeler
5-Mar-2002, 10:54
Hello All, I have two seperate questions. First, does anyone out there know the filer ring size for a Turner Reich convertable? It's the series 2, with an 18" and 12" focal length. I need to know so I can order a step up ring for my 67mm filters. Also, I am having a problem with these small white balls on my double weight contact prints(8x10). I never have it when I print with platinum or azo so it must have something to do with the double weight fb paper. I have tried thick glass and it still happens. Any recipes for success would be greatly appreciated.

many thanks eck

Ed O'Grady
5-Mar-2002, 15:03
Eck, try moving farther away from the driving range, this should take care of the small white balls!

echard wheeler
5-Mar-2002, 16:12
thanks Ed I'll give that a try. No, it's those little white dots and they appear only in clear areas.


N Dhananjay
5-Mar-2002, 16:40
Problematic paper, maybe - try exposing a paper to full room light and developing that to see if you still get spots on it. Maybe you had some chemical in the room that fixed out little spots on the paper. Cheers, DJ.

Ed O'Grady
6-Mar-2002, 14:36
Eck, are you using an acid stop bath? If you are, and it is to strong, it can cause air bells to form under the paper emulsion which burst and cause the white spots. Also lack of sufficent agitation in the developer can allow air bubbles to sit on the developing print, these act a resist and no developement occurs in the places. I also have a Turner Reich, mine is a triple, convertible lens and I will check it to see what filter size is being used. Will respond tomorrow.