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31-May-2010, 16:03
A couple of pictures taken with a Magic Lantern Lens I bought recently. The lens is provisional in a cardborad mounted in my Toyo, before I try with the 4x5 I though it would be less expensive to have a go with a roll film to give me an idea about exposure times.

Fuji Across 100 ISO - Rodinal 1:100
Lens 195mm - aperture around 4.5
Book pic -1 sec
Stool pic.-2 sec

Many thanks !:)

Neil Purling
11-Jun-2010, 13:19
I have one as well, it looks identical to yours. Let's see if yours can deliver some swirlies!
I don't know about focal length. I guess about 5 1/2",the speed to be in the region of f3.5-f4, which was typical for a Petzval.

12-Jun-2010, 13:41
Hi Neil, I'd love to see some results you have with your lens...

I'm still waiting for the film(adox 25) get back in stock in my local supplier before I start shooting with the 4x5.

13-Jun-2010, 07:28
Mine looks very similar to yours as well but looks a bit bigger, it's about 150mm & seems to be very fast - the cell diameter is 60mm. I am going to put it soon for sale.

Neil Purling
14-Jun-2010, 11:43
I bought my Petzval after being very impressed by Domenico Foschi's work.
I have only done one quick & dirty test to ensure the presence of those lovely swirlies.
I use Kodak 4125 which is rated 12ASA and Kodak 6573, which seems to be a stop or more slower than the 4125. Perfect for use with the Petzval.

14-Jun-2010, 13:23
Is this a triplet or Petzval design? I have a B&L tripelt that makes results very similar to that.

14-Jun-2010, 14:30
Is this a triplet or Petzval design? I have a B&L tripelt that makes results very similar to that.
Hi domaz... to be honest I don't know... I'm a begginer with those kind of lenses...what do you mean with triplet ?

I had another post few time ago where you can see more pictures of the lens..