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QT Luong
11-Dec-1998, 14:49
I am wondering which photographers have documented ALL the 54 national parks of the USA in large format. so far my list comprises only: - David Muench, 4x5 - Stephen Jonhson, digital 4x5 (ongoing) do you know of any others, in particular with larger formats ?

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
8-Jan-1999, 01:03
Mr. Luong' I just ran across this in the latest Edward Hamilton catalog. "These Are Rare Lands: Images of America's national Parks" by Stan jorstad .....all 54 national parks in breathtaking splendor. Fully illus in color. 158 pgs Simon & Schuster by Stan Jorstad don't know any more but Amazon or some such may help.

Ellis Vener
8-Jan-1999, 02:37
Re Sean's answer: It is a beautiful book, much of it appears to be shot with a 6 x17 camera and the rest with 4x5.