View Full Version : used to think my 4x5 gglass was big!

Robert Vigurs
30-May-2010, 19:25
Well, now that the bellows is installed on the 2D, I was able to affix my only lens to it, and Jeez, it's like a TV screen! I'm thrilled. OK, I need to get out more. I still need to router the front standard for some rise/fall, but I knew I would need the tilt I gave the to the center of the lens board. I was very lucky to find a Fujinon -W 250 6.7 with a hairline scratch for $80. It looks as though I have good coverage. Lucky again to find the parts in it's broken Copal 1 to repair my broken Copal 1. With just a little tilt to clarify, I am able to view a clear image at 5.6., close to far. I'm sure, better at 22. I have the elements for a 360 Symmar-S, and just need a shutter, looking to buy. I'm hoping to make Sandy King's workshop this summer. This is all in preparation for that.

Robert Vigurs
30-May-2010, 19:46
This camera was an ebay special. Cracked along the top. I glued that. When installing the back, I noticed it was loose, and saw that the wood was gone at the lower pin. Someone had driven a finish nail there. (jeez). So I broke out the bondo. Works like a champ on wood. God bless those plastic microsperes. Better(almost) than new. I think the camera is happy now.