View Full Version : I'm looking for a book A professional approach to Cibachrome

Sergey Botvin
30-May-2010, 11:40
I'm trying to find a book written and published by Bob Pace. It's called A professional approach to Cibachrome. It seems to be a very rare and perhaps extinct beast. I would appreciate any helpful information.


31-May-2010, 06:14
Well, I came across this book years ago. I learn a lot about producing masks from B&W film and to expose cibachrome paper from a set of origional slide with the mask. It reduces excessive contrast of Cibachrome materials. The result is calculated.

But most of the B&W films and tools are hard to find nowadays.

Good luck.

Brian Ellis
31-May-2010, 07:31
I used to have the book and the video that went with it. Good book, mostly about masking, but I'm not sure that the materials he used are still available. In any event, have you tried emailing Bob Pace at BPace10552.aol.com (may or may not still be current, I don't even know for sure that he's still alive but it's worth a try)? Or asking Amazon to search for the book for you?

Sergey Botvin
31-May-2010, 08:50
Thank you, guys.
Brian- yes, I've tried emailing Bob Pace before asking help here. Got no reply from BPace10552@aol.com. And I never heard before that you can ask Amazon to search for the book. How is it done?

Thanks again,