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30-May-2010, 02:53
I was wondering if any of you had any idea where I could have my old Linhof serviced and if things like that are still being done?
It will definitely need new bellows but I'd like someone to just run over everything to make sure it all works accurately and smoothly. This camera (which is new to me, but old in age and well used) doesn't shift even though it should. I've been trying to loosen it but it's not moving and i'd like a professional to look at it before I break anything!
I live in the West Midlands, so if you know of anywhere in the area, I'd be very grateful. Thanks.

31-May-2010, 12:00
Any ideas please??

Bob Salomon
31-May-2010, 12:33
The Linhof distributor is in London.

Peter K
31-May-2010, 12:49
Any ideas please??
Linhof & Studio Ltd. (http://www.linhofstudio.com/services/services.html)?

31-May-2010, 12:53
Where in the West Midlands ?


1-Jun-2010, 13:54

1-Jun-2010, 14:06
About that shift mechanism : I really can't get it to move. It almost feel like the knob is loose but I can't really see where and how to tighten it (no visible screws, just tiny ball point things). Is that knob only supposed to tighten the grip or does the mechanism work like a cog (like for the front rise an fall)? Sorry, I find it hard to explain, I don't know the correct terms to describe it!
Thanks for your help.