View Full Version : Jobo 3010 errors

Ed Richards
29-May-2010, 20:28
For 3010 users: Despite my best efforts, I occasionally open the drum to find a sheet that did not catch in the ridges and is overlapping the other sheet in the tube. I finally looked really hard at that partially covered sheet. I expected that any artifacts would be long ways where it was covered. But the artifacts are across the short dimension and look like fogging. This now explains the occasional bad neg I have seen when I was scanning.

30-May-2010, 08:01
Just because they start OK does not mean they will continue down OK. I always run my finger over the ridges in each chamber to make sure before closing it up.

Harley Goldman
30-May-2010, 09:40
I also run a finger down each ridge to make sure the film is seated before closing up.

Ed Richards
30-May-2010, 09:49
I do that, but it is not perfect. What I found interesting is that the developing artifact is 90 degrees to where I expected it.

Kirk Keyes
31-May-2010, 22:46
What brand of film are you using? Maybe your film is undersized a little?

I use Fuji and Kodak and never have them slip loose.