View Full Version : Plain or recessed lensboard for 90 mm SA

Tony Galt
9-Apr-2002, 14:48
I have a Shen Hao field camera which is similar to a Tachihara and other wooden field cameras in terms of bellows draw. I have purchased a 90 mm f/8 Super Angul on which should be on its way to me soon, and I face mounting the lens on a lens board. What are the advantages of obtaining a recessed lensboard over using a re gular flat lensboard with this lens camera combination? Will I be able to get re asonable movements for landscape work with the ordinary kind of lensboard?

Enrique Vila
9-Apr-2002, 14:53
I have an Angulon 90 (non super) which I use on a flat board for my shen-hao, mainly because the recessed lenboard I own does not fit the cable release.

With this type on lens (Igues the super-angulon too) you get very little movement with either recessed or flat board, but enougth for field work.

Clive Kenyon
9-Apr-2002, 17:10
Hi Tony, You will not need a recessed board for a 90mm lens. If you go to 75mm or below then a recessed board is a must in order to keep the front standard far enough out to permit movements as the compressed bellows are restrictive.

According to my vintage Linhof literature your Super -Angulon f8 90mm will have an image circle of 210mm against the 150mm of a 'regular' Angulon. Given that the long side of your negative is around 120mm then you should have more than enough room for movements though be aware that the nearer the edge you go, the less sharp the image will be.

Hope that helps,


9-Apr-2002, 17:13
I attempted to mount my 90 SW Fujinon into the Shen Hao recessed lensboard. I was very difficult to accomplish. When I finished the mounting, it was almost impossible to access the shutter controls. Even the flexible tip cable release adapter would not operate properly. This lens has the latest type Copal 0 shutter. The aperature control has a small, round chrome lever that seemed to bind on the metal lip of the recessed board. I also have the bag bellows. It works great with the 90 SW on a flat lensboard. My advice: Bite the bullet- buy the bag bellows.

Paul Frank
11-Apr-2002, 22:49
I use a Rodenstock Grandagon 90/6.8 on my shen hao and a recessed board. I do have some trouble getting at the controls, but it's doable. I do not have the bag bellows, but find that with the recessed board, I can get much more than adequate movements for field work. With a flat board, I would think that movements would be quite limited. A flat board will limit your rise/fall, which might/might not be important in the field.