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29-May-2010, 14:37
I have an Omega 4x5. The bellows is not light-tight & I am looking for a replacement.
Problem is I don't know if the camera is an C, D, E or F model. Do they all share the same bellows & which Toyo bellows is a replacement?
Thanks, mbphotog.

29-May-2010, 14:44
Some of them are not "easily" removable. IOW the bellows are not meant to be interchangable.
The D and E do NOT have interchangable bellows.
The F does have interchangable bellows.
Not sure about the C model.

29-May-2010, 14:51
Thanks. I'm going to post a few pix of the camera which may help to identify.

29-May-2010, 14:55
Attached are some pix of the camera. Can anyone help ID

Gem Singer
29-May-2010, 15:13
Looks like a Toyo/Omega 45E to me.

The Toyo/Omega 45F looks very similar to the 45E, and it's difficult to identify it from small pictures.

Look for black metal sliders on the bellows side of the front and rear standards. They are used to hold the bellows in place.

If it has sliders, the camera is a 45F, and it is equipped with a removable/replaceable bellows. These sliders can also be utilized to hold a wide angle bellows.

The 45E does not have a removable bellows. and it is difficult to remove the bellows in order to replace it with a new bellows.

I needed to patch pinholes in the bellows on two out of the three 45E's that I owned.

29-May-2010, 15:43
Big help. Thanks very much.

29-May-2010, 17:59
The 3rd pic looks like it "might" have a sliding retainer, top of the rear bellows. I am guessing just based on seeing the 2 screws in a similar location to the screws for the lensboard retainer.

How bad are the holes?
If they are pinholes, you can use black liquid electrical tape (Home Depot) to paint a few layers over the hole. This is how I patched my 45D.