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Ben Syverson
29-May-2010, 14:04
I'm traveling to NY next week and decided to take the 8x10. So, the question of the day: Can I fit absolutely everything I need into one carry-on tote bag?

Answer: Yes!

Contents from left to right in the exploded view: Gitzo travel tripod, camera rails, loupe, Gowland 8x10 on darkcloth, 2 holders, 2 boxes of film, Harrison tent sans poles.

Total weight, including bag: 15.4 pounds.

Martin Miller
29-May-2010, 14:40
No tripod head or light meter?

Ben Syverson
29-May-2010, 14:51
The ballhead is hard to see, but it's on the tripod in the photo, and the DSLR serves as meter :)

29-May-2010, 16:12
Assuming you're doing all you can to shave items off the "to pack list", you could leave the ballhead at home and adjust your view by tripod only. Cumbersome but effective.
Nice job on going portable. I'm looking to do the same with my Ansco 5x7 ... finding a bag that fits all I need. My Seneca is in a small bag, but I lack a portable tripod that fits in a bag. No way is the Majestic crunching down that small!

Jay DeFehr
29-May-2010, 16:24
As the man on the bag might say, you're one of the heroes; the it-getters! Alpha photographer of the week!

Ben Syverson
29-May-2010, 19:00
As the man on the bag might say, you're one of the heroes; the it-getters! Alpha photographer of the week!
Haha! I wondered if Colbert's face was readable in that shot; some people who see me walking around compliment me on my Bob Saget bag. :eek:

The ballhead I'm using is very tiny and lightweight, so leaving it off would really be shooting myself in the foot! I would be better off leaving one of those boxes of film at home and really being more careful about the shots I take!

Oren Grad
29-May-2010, 20:14
Extremely cool.

Sideshow Bob
29-May-2010, 22:57
Will they let you carry-on tripods? If so,how about mono-pods?

Ben Syverson
29-May-2010, 23:25
Gale, they don't care about tripods, but they will ask to hand-check virtually any bag with a bunch of camera stuff in it. It just looks pretty sketchy in the X-ray. :)

30-May-2010, 04:05
i carried a 25 inch f5 focal length petzval lens a whole plate camera and a lap top on last time.

i have carried a chamonix 8x10 and 4x5 and an RB 67 on with film before as well.

too bad i am gone to europe next week or we could go shooting. i have some guys in NYC that shoot every sat. wanna go? send me a PM.


Ben Syverson
3-Jun-2010, 16:51
Well, it worked! I had to switch bags to accommodate some Polaroid film, but here is my studio, under the seat in front of me. Heh heh.

3-Jun-2010, 18:54

4-Jun-2010, 13:49
Nice job. I'm extremely jealous of your setup, Ben. I spoke with Peter in January about purchasing an 8x10 Gowland. We chatted at length about the sort of shooting I wanted it for and what he could offer to customize it. He said he'd call back soon once he'd determined if he had the requisite parts. I never heard back from him, (I chalked it up to forgetfulness -- heck, he was 93yrs old!) then saw his obituary all over the web in March. What a big loss to the world photography.

Good luck!

Ben Syverson
4-Jun-2010, 14:34
Brett, so sorry to hear it... It is indeed a huge loss. But don't lose hope -- a month or so ago I saw a Gowland lite 8x10 pop up on eBay, so they are out there!

4-Jun-2010, 15:47
Well, it worked! I had to switch bags to accommodate some Polaroid film, but here is my studio, under the seat in front of me. Heh heh.

Cool! Have you had anyone give you any guff over the extra carry-on for photographic equipment?

Ben Syverson
4-Jun-2010, 19:10
Actually, TSA has been amazing about it. I usually fly Southwest, and they allow two carry-ons plus a personal item. So normally I fill my side bag with clothes and a laptop, carry a tote bag full of camera gear, and hand-carry a DSLR.

Sometimes the camera bag goes through the X-ray without any problem, other times they ask to hand-inspect it, which only takes about 30 seconds.

This time around, I asked for a hand inspection of a box of 8x10 Portra 400 NC. I haven't done that in probably 10 years. All they do is swipe it, test for explosives, and hand the box back to you. 30 seconds tops. I will definitely do this from now on for anything 400 ISO or over.

Jim Graves
4-Jun-2010, 20:04
Looks like you tossed the shoelaces to save weight too ... .

emo supremo
8-Jun-2010, 16:41
I travelled to Yellowstone etc. and because I had so many (4) connections I asked and was granted hand checks at every gate. No one seemed the least bit miffed.
I've had back surgery so I cut my tootbrush in half and wore old underwear (and tossed it as I went) to save weight. Brought one of those small tripods and because the legs don't extend it seemed pretty stable. But 8x10...wow. I'm impressed.
BTW, I'm in NY and I'd like to come shooting if there is a group here in NYC.

20-Jul-2010, 19:23
If I were traveling to NYC, I'd leave the film at home and make a stop at B&H when I got there... assuming I was shooting one of the last couple of films they still carry.

Ben Syverson
20-Jul-2010, 22:21
That's an option, but I wound up taking some expired film that I got for much cheaper... Besides, the film itself is not too heavy.