View Full Version : Kalart for longer lenses - Earlier model?

29-May-2010, 12:02
I read somewhere that the earlier models of Kalart rangefinder (the silver ones with pointy corners) can be used with longer lenses than the later model. I have the latter on my Pacemaker, and it seems to top out around 7". Does anyone have experiences with the earlier model RF's?

Michael Roberts
29-May-2010, 17:52
I've never run across this. I'd be very surprised if they all could not be calibrated to the 203 ektar and optar lenses, but perhaps no longer than that.

Jim Noel
29-May-2010, 21:29
The longest I ever calibrated was a 250mm. It probably could be done for a 300mm, but that length will not focus very close because of limited bellows draw.

30-May-2010, 14:50
Thanks for the responses!

Jim, do you think a telephoto design would be more viable for a 300mm?