View Full Version : Schneider symmar-S 210/5.6 Multicoating lens. CONFUSED???

9-Apr-2002, 01:41
I am thinking of buying a used Schneider Symmar-S Multicoated lens. The lense is a Compur electronic 1 shutter (I was told). What is compur electronic shutter???. The seller even mentioned "b attery". I am confused. Can I use this lens on my Sinar F 4x5 camera? I need explaination, advice and opinion. You r contribution is really appreciated. Thank

Thomas Vaehrmann
9-Apr-2002, 03:04
Hi Calvin,

the Compur-Electronic-shutter is long out of production and, concerning the electronic parts, hard to service. Linhof says that you can use 3x1,5 volts batteries instead of the no loner produced 4,5 volt ones. Some like this shutter, others not. Because of the battery-problem my advice is: avoid, if it's your main taking lens.