View Full Version : Results of the DIY 8x10 bellows kit

Robert Vigurs
28-May-2010, 20:23
Received my DIY bellows kit from Sorin a few days back, and I am really quite happy with the results. You first measure the camera, and he generates a brown paper pattern to assemble. Upon finding that it fit, I ordered the kit. It arrived promptly, priority mail. I spent an afternoon cutting the stiffener strips, and the next day, after lunch, began in earnest. It really was quite simple to do. Logical. Nice materials. It was my first one, and if I do another, it will be a breeze. At a cost of $90 it can't be beat. Very happy with this!

29-May-2010, 08:35
Looks great!

Michael Roberts
29-May-2010, 10:13

29-May-2010, 10:57
I'm glad to see that it worked well for you!


Peter Gomena
29-May-2010, 11:52
This seems like such a great solution for a lot of us who own old cameras and work on a tight budget. I'll be saving my pennies to do this pretty soon!

Peter Gomena

Michael Clark
29-May-2010, 20:29
Looks good,is the glue supplied and what kind of glue was used?


Robert Vigurs
29-May-2010, 22:18
The kit comes with the material for the cover, and liner. You cut the stiffener panels, then put them aside. You cut the paper pattern and glue the five pieces together at the edges with a $2 paper glue stick. Then you lay out the liner, and place the stiffener panels at the right positions(that you mark with chalk), and lift them back, still taped at the ends. Here is where I used a good 3m adhesive that cost $8 a can. I've used it on headliners for cars.Spray, and lay down the panels. Remove the tape, line up the cover, and spray liberally with the 3m adhesive, close it up, and Voila! you have a four sided cone. Takes about an hour to fold. It actually was kind of fun, and light tight too!

Jim Graves
30-May-2010, 20:05
Which 3M adhesive?

Robert Vigurs
30-May-2010, 20:52
Jim, I used the 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive.

30-May-2010, 21:31
In case anyone wants to see how the bellows is assembled, here is a link to a video review. There are more detailed videos as well.