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Joseph O'Neil
28-May-2010, 05:46
Hi everyone;

Back about a gazillion years ago, (or maybe just before Christmas, not sure which :) ), I was told by my local camera store they would be getting some Rollei film in, so I ordered a box of 4x5. I had totally forgotten about it, and guess what - it came in yesterday, and now i am thinking to myself, I've never shot or developed this before. Expensive stuff compared to Tri-X, and I don't want to waste a box experimenting. I see the speed is "variable" too. More ways to foul up, eh?

So before I start loading & shooting, who has had direct experience with this film in 4x5, and what speeds and developers do you prefer? I have a ton of HC-110 on hand, but also a few other film developers. Suggestions, ideas, or just some general useless comments on using this film? :D


Sascha Welter
28-May-2010, 09:02
Not that I have any experience with them, but there are a couple of different films branded "Rollei" (see for example here: http://www.macodirect.de/films-rollei-c-1_6_56.html ). In 4x5" they seem to have 5 products and I suspect in different markets (that site is in Germany), they will have different products. So just out of curiosity, which one did you get?

Pete Watkins
28-May-2010, 10:03
If it's Rillei R3 I still have some in the freezer and my notes suggest exposing it at 200 asa and developing it in Perceptol stock. 13 minutes in contstant agitation is what I've written down but 11 might be a good start.

Pete Watkins
28-May-2010, 10:05
Sorry, I meant Rollei R3.

Philippe Grunchec
28-May-2010, 10:12
Try Rollei RHS (=Amaloco AM74) or even HC110!