View Full Version : 90mm F8 Caltar and 8x10

27-May-2010, 21:20
Just in case anybody on planet earth is interested I tested a 90mm F8 Caltar W-II on my 8x10 camera to see what the coverage would be like. I really bought this cheapish lens for the 4x5. Anyway, to my surprise only the outer edges are cut off at F22 with the lens focused about 10 feet away or so with no movements. Ya, well, just in case anybody wanted to know. Delta 100:


Ben Syverson
27-May-2010, 21:27
Woah, too cool! I have this lens somewhere, never even dreamed of mounting it to the 8x10! I'd say it's covering at least a 9x9 area!

27-May-2010, 21:32
Yes! I'm going to try it out outside soon.