View Full Version : What lenses are these ?

27-May-2010, 15:41
As suggested here I'm posting few pictures from 2 lenses I bought last weekend at the Photographica Fair. I'm not expecting to be a Petzval since I paid very little for them but would be nice to have some extra information.

They're 195mm and 300mm focal lengh.

Many thanks !

Steven Tribe
27-May-2010, 15:55
OK - you have posted these magic lantern petzvals here too!

They are the typical styles with a cover (at least from the UK/European market). JW on the flip up type I have seen before - it is surely the makers of the whole apparatus. They are aften found with these mechanisms removed. The first one will have a thread hole and a stud on the front rim and the second will have a strange gash in the rim for the lifting arm. I have these two models as well - they are, I think, always Petzvals.
I didn't pay much for mine either.

Steven Tribe
27-May-2010, 15:58
The lift-up usually has a space and slot which could be used for washer stops.

27-May-2010, 16:12
Hi Steven...

Yes, since the other post were more about working out the Focal lengh/Stop I thought I'd start a fresh one...;)

That's a good idea to use that slot for washer stops... that's where the slides use to go isn't it ?

Thanks for your help!