View Full Version : Geronar 210mm thickness

Darcy Cote
26-May-2010, 19:59
I am looking into popping one of these babies into a Polaroid 900 but don't have one in hand. It has to be 30mm or less from front to rear element front to back. Can one kind soul measure theirs for me? If the Geronar is too thick can someone suggest a "thinner" compact lens in 210 to 250mm?
Thanks and God bless

Mark Stahlke
26-May-2010, 20:24
My 210/6.8 Caltar II-E (Calumet branded Geronar) measures about 1 13/16 or 46mm. I also checked my Nikkor-M 200/8, it measures 1 11/16 or just under 43mm. Sorry about that.

I'm assuming you want the measurement from the front of the front element to the rear of the rear element with the shutter in between them. In other words, the total thickness of the lens.

[Edit] I just measured a 150/9 G-Claron at about 35mm. Good luck finding any lens in a shutter that's 30mm or less.

Chauncey Walden
26-May-2010, 21:13
How thick is a 210 Angulon?

26-May-2010, 23:24
How thick is a 210 Angulon?



This is relavant to my interests, Im going to be int he same boat shortly. I have my eye on a 180mm f6.8 Commerical Congo which is 33mm long, maybe fit with some love?