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26-May-2010, 09:05
I'm fighting jammed Readyloads. Is the one on the left (http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/bBQJWGGmSzkySMP0TRv7FA?feat=directlink) the latest holder?

Steve Hamley
26-May-2010, 09:48

Cheers, Steve

26-May-2010, 09:59
Thanks Steve, then I need some tweezers with lots of bite.

Sal Santamaura
26-May-2010, 10:55
Is...the one on the left the latest holder?Maybe. There were several iterations which looked like that. Does yours have edge slots to accept Graflok tabs? If so, it's not the latest.

Kodak revised its single-sheet holder several times to deal with leaks and warping.

26-May-2010, 11:14
...leaks and warping.
That's a revelation. In fact the middle one is warped. Fighting it out of the camera I damaged the set.

26-May-2010, 17:59
Yes.. The Professional has Graflok indents for the tabs and the pressure plate is spring loaded for film flatness. You should be able to push in slightly on the pressure plate and have it spring back across the plane. I shoot Kodak Readyloads and Fuji Quickloads in mine. No light leaks on either.

I do not, however, do the two sheet readyloads.

J D Clark
27-May-2010, 15:12
Actually, if you can't get the film out, you can take the holder apart. Be careful, because there are a number of parts that come loose when you unscrew it. A few years ago, I put a Fuji Quickload sheet in backwards ("This side to the lens" - not) and the film would *not* come out. So, I field-stripped the holder, and to my chagrin, could not get it back together correctly. A bummer considering the only film I had with me was Quick and Ready loads.

Anyway, later, I discovered that one of the illustrious admins here, Tom Westbrook has a great web page devoted to re-assembling a Readyload holder. The page is at:


The problem I had when re-assembling the thing was the bar that went across the top -- it wasn't obvious to me how to get it back in there correctly.

John Clark

27-May-2010, 15:40
John, great! And thanks. Tom Westbrook's page is it.