View Full Version : out of date large size fiber paper

24-May-2010, 07:10
Does anyone have any suggestions where/how I can find out of date, large format silver gelatin silver paper (like 16 x 20, or 20 x 24). I have a need for it - it doesn't have to be precious, and, therefore, I'd prefer not to pay a fortune for it.

24-May-2010, 07:32
I have 20 sheets of Kodabromide F-3, 16x20"

PM me with your address if you want it. You can have it for the cost of shipping.

Peter Mounier
24-May-2010, 07:52
I have about 15 sheets of 20x24 Ilford FB paper. Where are you located?
Also have about 34 sheets of RC Ilford paper