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23-May-2010, 11:14
Those who has used already the tray developing with this film please let me know:
- if you pre-soak the negative or not? If yes, what would be the pre-soaking time?
- what is your developing time at 20C? what about the agitation?

I'm gonna to try tray developing with this (4x5) film in HC-110.
The exposure was made at ASA 100, the lowest value was placed on Zone III, while the highest on ZOne VIII (portraiture),...

Thank you for the answers in advance.

Emil Schildt
25-May-2010, 12:51
don't use tray development - don't use the zone system...

But I use HC110 and Foma 100 all the time, and I develop for 6 min (5.5 if outside with lots of light). (agitation firat half minute: continous, then every 30 sec)

IF I were to develop a film in a tray, I'd stick to 5.5-6 min - with slow continous movement..

I don't pre-rinse.

26-May-2010, 14:03
I have tried tray development of Foma 100 in HC-110H dilution (1:63) with good results. The pre-soak time was ~2 min, in order to clear the anti-halation layer of the Foma. Then the development time I used was 9:00@20 deg (for dilution H). In order to avoid scratches on the emulsion surface of the sheet, I developed two sheets in a tray of 18X24 cm (when I tried with 4 sheets, scratches were observed on one sheet). Regarding the agitation, every 30 seconds I applied 2 light movements to the tray (the same way when you develop paper). For 1 lt of developer (theoretically is enough for 2X135 films=8 sheets) i usually develop 6 sheets (in order to avoid oxidation problems) with very good results.

28-May-2010, 12:15
Thank you for your replies.
I developed a negative last night in my bath using trays.
Pre-soaked for 30 sec and developed in HC-110 (H) for 9 min, agitation every 30 sec.
I know there is a lot to improve, but I was so happy as a child when I turned on the light. It is really a delight to develop your own negatives. Thank you once again for your suggestions.

Here it is

Roger Vadim
3-Jun-2010, 15:10
That looks pretty nice! Foma 100 tends to become quite contrasty if overdeveloped IMO. I normally use Adox Atomal (also known as ATM 49) in a rotary processor and rate the film an optimistic ISO 64.
keep us informed!