View Full Version : Need some info on this lens B&L Zeiss Tessar 8x10 IIb barrel

Daniel Stone
23-May-2010, 09:54
hey all,

got this lens a few years back, with a camera I ended up selling. Thinking that I might end up having it mounted by SKG in a shutter, but after seeing the price, I'll think not :o ($$$)

I shot with it on the camera(had a packard shutter), and was really sharp. Also seems to have really big coverage, especially when stopped down.

here's some pictures to help

the front of the barrel says Bausch & Lomb Zeiss Tessar Series IIb s/n#1650345






23-May-2010, 10:15
That's a really nice looking lens! Needs a new lensboard though. :)

Daniel Stone
23-May-2010, 10:36
ya, kinda destroyed the old one it was on when removing it :o.

probably gonna sell this one though. Any ideas anyone on pricing?


23-May-2010, 13:09
regular old tessar. great lenses to buy as they are cheap. bad to sell. they shoot awesome for sure. a real sleeper. ...the 4.5 versions make great portrait lenses are pretty fast and no one wants them...

23-May-2010, 13:17
I like the IIb a lot, it's very sharp. Perhaps as sharp as any other make from the period. Like Eddie says, they are a common, inexpensive lens.

23-May-2010, 13:22
1904 Kodak Ltd Catalog page


Daniel Stone
23-May-2010, 15:27
so by a "sleeper" what would that mean price-wise?

I'm pinching pennies right now, and after just paying for airfare for the trip this summer, I'm in somewhat of a "pitfall" situation.

$200-250 in this condition?

many thanks for all the info


23-May-2010, 15:43
A large part of the price depends on what the size / focal length is. I bought my 5x8 IIb for $30, and I recently bought the faster one, in a shutter, for $70. If it's less than 12 inches I'd say you might get $100 on a good day. If it's longer, above $100 somewhat.