View Full Version : cleaning Wollensak Studio 5 shutter

22-May-2010, 23:17
So i searched on the forum and didnt seem to find any information on CLA'ing a Studio 5 other than to send it off and paying a bit of dosh. Eager to do this myself and not afraid of taking it apart BUT I am searching for someone who has done this before. The simple thing is, I have the shutter sitting on my bench, poked and prodded it (feeling like a pig staring at a wristwatch at this point) trying to figure out the best way to take it apart. Ignoring my natural tendency to twist pull and pry (As I explain to the wife...I am just a bear with furniture) I figure I should ask here first.

So has anyone here CLA'ed a wolly studio 5 pneumatic shutter? Got some hints...other than sending it off to Flutots?



23-May-2010, 03:21
studio shutters suck. if i can use the aperture with no trouble i consider my self lucky. the shutters never really seem to work (MOST times).

they are very very simple devices. open it up and have a look. the great thing about digital cameras is you can snap photos as you go so you can put it back together easily. sure beats the crappy drawings i used to do.

check your PM and turn on skype.