View Full Version : Master View 8x10 parts

Jay Lnch
8-Apr-2002, 13:58
I have a Kodak 8x10 Master View. I am looking for parts for it. The most import part is the springs for holding the film holder in the back. Does anyone know of a good source for this part?


Sean Yates
9-Apr-2002, 02:30
Not off the shelf, but you could send the back to any good, reputable camera repair person and they could fix it for you. If you want the springs, you're going to have to hunt all the usual sources, Midwest Photo, Steve Shuart, Columbus Camera, etc. etc. etc. Push comes to shove, Ron Wisner could make 'em for you - but you'll have to wait and pay....

Mark Sampson
9-Apr-2002, 09:08
If I have it right, the Master View 8x10 camera went out of production in 1956...

Michael Kadillak
9-Apr-2002, 12:50
I have a product brochure for the Kodak Master Camera 8x10 that is dated 1958 and I believe that they were produced until late 1963 or early 1964.

Jay Lnch
9-Apr-2002, 15:22
I just spoke with the guy who owns the design rights to the camera. He said it was in production for only 7 years. I also have a Kodak parts list dated February 1954. If that was the start of production that would put the end at 1961, but the same guy told me that the camera came out in 1950?

My bet is that it ran from 1954 - 1961