View Full Version : Wollensak 6 1/4" f12.5 filter size

eric black
22-May-2010, 08:10
Well my fishing trip paid off- Thanks Deniz- and I have the lens in hand and now need to figure out what size filters it takes. It looks to me like its either a 42 or 43mm for the front and same for the back. Im not really that interested in doing filtering as Im guessing that any step adapter or filter would vinette (no idea how this is spelled), just would like to know for purposes of getting some protective caps for backpacking protection. A search of the forum came up empty for me-Can anyone help out there?

Diane Maher
22-May-2010, 12:28
Does it actually have filter threads? I seem to recall my lens, the f/9.5 version of the same lens, doesn't have any filter threads.

eric black
22-May-2010, 14:43
yep, its got threads front and back

Mark Sampson
22-May-2010, 15:08
Don't be surprised if no modern screw-in filters will fit. When your lens was made, the common method was to have a press-on series filter adapter, with its retaining ring to hold the unthreaded series filter. Your best bet may to fit gel filters behind the lens.

Keith Pitman
23-May-2010, 20:47
My recollection is the same as Diane's: No filter threads. Check to see if those are concentric rings, not threads.

You can order slip on lens caps from B&H and other sources. Just measure carefully with a caliper.

Jan Pedersen
23-May-2010, 21:01
Filter thread on the various versions of Wollensak' s Wide angle and EX wide angle lenses seems a little confusing.
I have two, a 159 9.5 Raptar with filter thread about 42.5mm and a yellow dot 159 12.5 EX wide angle anastigmat without filter thread.
The Raptar with aprox. 42.5mm was just sent to SK Grimes to have a filter adaptor made. The thread does not match any available filter sizes. The lens is an excellent perfomer so worth the extra cost for the adaptor.

Mark Sawyer
24-May-2010, 00:30
Get a step-up ring from 49mm to 58mm or larger. Line the inside threads of the step-up ring with a layer of duct tape, and it will push on snugly around the outside of the front barrel. Then you can use standard size filters without vignetting or damage to the lens. Works for me!

Lynn Jones
26-May-2010, 16:23
I think I still have 2 or 3 of the Wollensak extreme wide angle lenses. They were suprisingly good.

And Mark, the Verito was a portrait lens, it wasn't supposed to be critically sharp.


Deniz Merdanogullari
26-May-2010, 19:58
Your welcome Eric,

I believe i used a Series VI filters with it. But not %100 sure..

CP Goerz
27-May-2010, 08:24
Another vote for the slip on filter adaptor, they sell on Ebay for peanuts all day long...filters and hoods to match too.

Mark Sawyer
27-May-2010, 10:09
And Mark, the Verito was a portrait lens, it wasn't supposed to be critically sharp.

Oh, crap. Is that why my photographs are always so fuzzy? :eek: