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22-May-2010, 04:22
I just bought a Tachihara and will be heading up to the UP in Michigan. I bought some Fuji Acros, Velvia 100F, Rollei ATp and Fuji 160S. I will be using a Color By Beseler Print roller tank and the spinner to develop the film. I have been reading about the taco method with the screens and might try this instead of the Beseler.

I am reading conflicting information in regards to the development times for 4 x 5. I have developed 120 and 35 in a patterson style tank without any problems. I want to make sure I develop the films right so is this example below the right way?

For example:

On the back of the Fuji Acros 100 box it states @ 20*C with D-76, 7 1/2 mins. Is this the correct time for continuous rotation in the Beseler Drum. I thought this time would be for 120 film?

I went Digital truth and there is barely any development times listed for 4 x 5.

I have the following developers: Acufine, Rollei RHS, Tiny bit of HC110 left, D76 PhotoGraphers Formulary PMK Pyro. I like using HC110 at 1:63 but I can't find any info using HC110 @ 1:63 for the Fuji Acros 100.

22-May-2010, 19:14
aaah now I see that you have already been to digitaltruth... :o

//Have you seen this website?


Hope it helps.


22-May-2010, 19:17
Development times don't generally change because its 4x5 film and not 120 or whatever.

The standard practice that manufacturers like Ilford prescribe for continuous agitation processing is take the normal hand inversion time and reduce it by 15%.