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21-May-2010, 19:20
I need advice on which lenses to sell and which to keep. I have some duplicate lenses: Symmar-S 135 and Symmar-S 210 as well as Sironar-N 135 and Sironar-N 210. I need to convert one of the 135's and one of the 210's iinto cash for other gear and I am looking for opinions. I cant tell the difference optically and have been thinking I would choose the ones with the largest image circle and *bay the rest. This is not an offer to sell. Thoughts on keepers?


22-May-2010, 05:24
It sounds like you already have a plan of action.
These are your lenses. Why do you need the opinion of others?

22-May-2010, 08:43
Not sure what your shooting habits are, but here’s just one idea beyond “image circle” and “optical resolution.”

Among architecture photographers, I’ve heard arguments for using lenses of the same manufacturer and design to better capture consistent colors (i.e., subtle ones) when shooting a single subject. For example, if you use two lenses, and each is a Sironar-N, they might – might – render more consistent colors than using, say, a Sironar-N and a Symmar-S.

But testing your camera, lenses and film under various lighting conditions is, of course, a better way to make this sort of lens choice – you might discover that two dissimilar lenses produce the most similar results. And “color consistency,” of course, says little about “color accuracy.”

Mark Sawyer
22-May-2010, 10:47
The lenses are remarkeably similar to each other. I'd probably keep whichever I though had the most accurate, reliable shutter (or had been CLA'd last), or sell whichever seemed to sell for more in recent completed auctions.

Ken Lee
22-May-2010, 14:22
Size / weight / filter size ?