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Bill Kumpf
21-May-2010, 17:58
The local Craigslist has a 16 1/2 " f9.5 Red Dot Artar listed. The photos included in the listing looks like the lens and mounting was removed from a process camera. No shutter is included.

For landscapes and portraits how does is lens compare to a Nikon or Fuji lens of simlear focal lenght.

Jan Pedersen
21-May-2010, 20:09
Goerz Red Dot Artars are excellent taking lenses for landscape. For portrait it will be a personal style and i guess it will be for landscape to but as far as resolution, they are in my opinion unmatched.
I can compare a fuji 450C to a 19" RD (Both Dialytes) and the Fuji is no match. the RD is far better in both resolution and contrast.
RD Artars are quite common in Ilex shutters so don't pay to much for a barrel lens, it is a bit expensive to have them custom mounted.

John Kasaian
21-May-2010, 21:00
IMHO a 16-1/2" Artar would be a terriffic lends on an 8x10! :D

21-May-2010, 21:54
I have two 16.5" RD Artar lenses, one in barrel and one in an Ilex shutter, they are very fine lenses, I also have the 19" in barrel. I have a 9.5" and 10.75" in barrel but haven't tried them yet. They are smaller versions in size than the longer lenses. The 10.75" is front mounted in an Alphax shutter which serves it well, the 9.5" would fit in that shutter too.

22-May-2010, 04:58
IMHO a 16-1/2" Artar would be a terriffic lends on an 8x10! :D

I have a 19" APO Artar (pre-red dot) in Ilex #4, with lensboards for my for 5x7 and for 7x17. It's a nice lens for that focal length. The coated red dot should help with flare and contrast, making it slightly better by most folks' opinion.

MIke Sherck
22-May-2010, 06:22
My 420mm red dot Artar is in an Ilex shutter. It is an extremely sharp lens with excellent contrast and tonality. It replaced a Fuji 420mm L lens in Copal shutter, which is larger and significantly heavier although no less sharp or contrasty. It's my favorite 8x10 lens. Had I to do it again, though, I think that maybe I'd keep the Fuji lens despite its slightly greater size and noticeably greater weight.


Bill Kumpf
22-May-2010, 13:28
The power of new glass is overcoming me. My usual practice of waiting till someone else buys the item has failed. The seller still has the 16 1/2" Red Dot barrel mount and is willing to talk price. It is listed for $100. What is a good price?

MIke Sherck
22-May-2010, 14:03
I paid US$332-ish for mine in a good Ilex #4 shutter and judging from a few sales on Ebay since, I got a pretty fair deal. $100 for one without the shutter is, I think, a fair price, but that's just my opinion.