View Full Version : Light one-way head

Ed Richards
20-May-2010, 21:17
I have been using a Gitzo leveling tripod for a while now and it is great. I could probably just skip a head and use the camera directly on the tripod, except that I occasionally shoot ceiling and high stuff. What I need is a light head like a hinge that would let me tilt up to about 100 degrees. I could then flip the camera and use it to point down. Any side correction could be done with the leveling tripod. Anything like this exist? (Hopefully not made of unobtainium by Sinar or the like.)

20-May-2010, 21:26
check out Ries A200 & J200


20-May-2010, 22:32
Yes, Acratech makes one It does exactly what your asking ,Hope it helps