View Full Version : Fuji Quickload in new Readyload?

Steve Hamley
7-Apr-2002, 21:56
I haven't tried it yet (I'm planning to), but I did talk to Mr. Butzi via e-mail not long ago and he confirmed that the Kodak single- sheet holder works with Fuji Quick loads. I haven't heard of any incompatibilities with the commercially released holders.



8-Apr-2002, 04:50
Do yourself a favor and stick to the respective manufacturers holder (its not that much more to carry, is it...


Dave Tolcher
8-Apr-2002, 13:57
Not an industrial strength test but... I predominantly take B & W TMAX100 Readyloads but like to carry some colour film around with me for occasional use. Over the last few weeks I have now put 20 Fuji Provia F100 through the Kodak single sheet holder without any problems. Likewise I found that the kodak sheets did not work in the Fuji holder.

However... for the sake of the extra space of the holder I think I agree with a previous poster who said take both... depends on your mix of B & W and Colour.