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Bulent Ozgoren
7-Apr-2002, 14:51
Hello If you had to choose just one lens for 4x5 landscape, which one would you choose ? regards bulent ozgoren

Ellis Vener
7-Apr-2002, 15:19
The Schneider 110mm f/5.6 XL Super Symmar

7-Apr-2002, 15:44
a 135, because it folds up nicely inside my Wista 45sp without removing it

Per Volquartz
7-Apr-2002, 17:01
A Super Symmar XL 110 or a 120 Super Angulon...both are great for 4X5 and 5X7...

paul owen
7-Apr-2002, 17:34
Super Symmar 110XL.

Mark Windom
7-Apr-2002, 19:10
SS 110 XL---no contest.

Dean Cookson
7-Apr-2002, 23:24
Why the 110 over a 90?

neil poulsen
8-Apr-2002, 02:58
I could only have one lens, I would probably pick a 180mm. But, I would miss my medium WA. (121mm SA.)

Bulent Ozgoren
8-Apr-2002, 04:16
Schneider Super Symmar XL 5.6/110 seems to be the favourite lens in general. Thanks for your contributions.

Jean-Marie Solichon
8-Apr-2002, 05:17
Did I miss something when I bought my 120 Super Symmar HM in stead of a SS 110 XL? Nevertheless it is by far my favourite and most used lens. If you don't need the coverage of the 110 (ie you are using a folding camera with limited rise and fall) the 120 might be a serious option.

Mark Sampson
8-Apr-2002, 09:10
Kodak 135mm f/6.3 Wide Field Ektar, in a new shutter.

John Sarsgard
8-Apr-2002, 12:52
135mm Rodenstock APO Sironar S. Unbelievably sharp, very convenient focal length.

8-Apr-2002, 13:39
Schneider 110XL.

8-Apr-2002, 14:02
Rodenstock 210mm APO Sironar-S. Maybe a Grandagon 90mm, too. Can't I have 2 lenses in heaven?

Mahmut Gunes
8-Apr-2002, 18:23
A Super Symmar120 HM or SS 110 XL. But, sooner or later you are going to need additional longer/shorter lenses.

Christopher Condit
8-Apr-2002, 18:41
I must say I am pleased to see so many votes for the SSXL 110; after a couple month's research, that is the lens I have chosen to buy first.


Ellis Vener
8-Apr-2002, 19:52
"Can't I have 2 lenses in heaven?"That qualifies as life after death, where an 8x10 Sinar P2 cameras will be as light and as compact as a Canham DLC and everyone will have Arca-Swiss B2 monoball tripod heads. Not to forget; we will have 8x10 Kodachrome as well, with one hour processing too and Edward Weston, Ansel Adams Paul Strand and Imogene Cunningham will be offering free one on one workshops and mentoring.

Mike Kravit
8-Apr-2002, 22:32
I would choose my Schneider Super Angulon 110/5.6 XL.

Roger Wagner
10-Apr-2002, 03:07
I use the Super Angulon 90 XL - Super Symmar 110 XL - Apo Symmar 180 & 240, but 80% of my work is done with the 110 XL........

Incredible the quality, seen trough very large color prints (50"x61" full format image)

Jim Galli
11-Apr-2002, 22:32
Ellis, I heard heaven went digital and Weston and Adams shipped out. Fujinon 180f9A It's wideish on the 5X7, longish on the 4X5 and sharp enough to be a telephoto on the Nikon! J