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19-May-2010, 08:05
I bought this lens based on the pics hoping it's short focal (6 - 6 inch) but when I got it and measured it turned out it's 230mm (9 inch). Probably the ealier owner had to love the lens becouse decided to fit it to shuuter and make two extra ring with threads on both size to fit cells to the shutter. Work is perfect done. They are aplanats or rectilinear, no markings on the rings, cells are about 30mm in diameter... shutter #1. I have not possiblity to measure it's coverage.

Based on the pics do you have any idea who could be a maker?
as far as it's possible to recognize it.





19-May-2010, 08:07



19-May-2010, 08:31
All my late 19th century RR lenses look more or less like that. More details would be helpful - the rolled/structured edges and the way the barrel is turned might point to the maker, if we get to see the fine details with a precise scale for comparisons.

19-May-2010, 10:32
Hope this will help a bit more. The left is a rear cell, right from front.




Steven Tribe
19-May-2010, 13:18
Could you work out the F? An ordinary F8 or a super RR/Aplanat around F6.3?

19-May-2010, 14:23
Ok, I have never calculated it. How to do it?

Divide 230mm by 29mm (close diameter) gets 8. Sounds like F8?

Steven Tribe
19-May-2010, 14:46
The thread pitch is fairly wide isn't it?

19-May-2010, 14:56
Perhaps, but the pics were made with wide angle lens.

Steven Tribe
20-May-2010, 10:59
I would rather not guess - but. German barrelled early Aplanat. Doesn't look like a Lynkeioskop - Busch was the biggest maker.

20-May-2010, 13:59
A friend of mine suggested Lynkeioskop 9" f/7.7 but he is not sure.

What coverage can it has?

20-May-2010, 14:16
It does not look like my Lynkeioskop - but that is a bit smaller.

Steven Tribe
20-May-2010, 14:33
I'll just check my other Lynkeioskop model. Sometimes the mounting system changes as the lens get longer.
Well, the profile of the front cell looks remarkably like the profile on my extra rapid (F6.3) Lynkieoskop (11"). I can't the front cell off to-night - but will check it's appearance tomorrow in daylight.

If it is a Lynkeioskop - then the series D fits the bill - 62% coverage - so you can work out the size it covers. Somewhere around 10x15 or 13x18 I guess. The separate screw mounting of the lenses into the cells suggest a quality product.

Ole Tjugen
20-May-2010, 15:19
One of the most common German lens makers of that period is the famous "Unbekannt".

Well - maybe not famous, but very productive. Unless there are very distinctive marks, and sometimes even when there are, chasing down the maker of an unbranded Aplanat is hopeless. Even when they have names it can be difficult, q.v. my "Winther" Satzaplanat (possibly made my Goertz, but looks more like Rodenstock).

Steven Tribe
21-May-2010, 13:55
It isn't like my bigger - late -Lynkeioskop either. I agree with Ole - as I inferred earlier. It must been well liked as you mention and the construction of the cells looks early - before mass production brought about more speedy ways of mounting the lenses. But the original barrel might have said a known maker. You may get a date of the transfer from the serial number of the shutter (if it was new at the time). Could well have been on the Ango type of FP shutter camera which wouldn't have lasted so many decades into the 20th C.

21-May-2010, 14:24
Thanks for all the info. The shutter looks much younger then the lens. I would probably sell it or trade for shorter FC - aplanat, rectilinear or petzval. It's too long FC & large coverage for my needs now.