View Full Version : Recommended galleries / shows in NYC June 10-13?

Mark McCarvill
18-May-2010, 16:18
I'll be in New York City (Soho area) June 10-13 and am looking for recommendations about photo galleries / shows I should check out when I'm there. Black-and-white, large format stuff is preferred, but definitely not required.


Ben Syverson
18-May-2010, 17:13
Mark, go check out the Impossible Project (http://shop.the-impossible-project.com/stores/ny) space on Broadway!

Mark McCarvill
19-May-2010, 05:34
Looks interesting. Thanks!

Pete Roody
19-May-2010, 09:34
If you end up staying a few days more, you can check out the Auction Preview of the Polaroid collection at Sotheby's.


Pete Roody
19-May-2010, 10:18
There is a large Cartier-Bresson show at MOMA.


Steven Barall
19-May-2010, 11:59
Check out whatever is doing at the Met Museum. There will be a Leon Levinstein show there and they always have new acquisitions hanging up in the hallway near the photo galleries. And then there are the other million things to look at. You can learn a lot about photography by looking at Rembrandt.

Also check out ICP.

Mark McCarvill
19-May-2010, 15:39
Thanks for the suggestions so far. The Cartier-Bresson show at MOMA is definitely on the list. And I'll look into the Met.

QT Luong
19-May-2010, 21:52
Here's one of the best source for reviews of photo exhibits in NYC: http://dlkcollection.blogspot.com/

8-Jun-2010, 19:50
Hi Mark,

Check out the following guide; it's got a comprehensive list of exhibitions in New York (and elsewhere), together with ad-links to the various venues:


There's a lot of territory to cover (especially Midtown and Chelsea), so wear comfortable shoes!

Have fun, and happy hunting!


Mark McCarvill
9-Jun-2010, 15:24
Cool. Thanks!

Mark McCarvill
14-Jun-2010, 15:22
Thanks for all the suggestions. I managed to get to two shows - the Polaroid exhibit at the Impossible Project Space and the Cartier-Bresson show at MOMA - and enjoyed both. What a great city for enjoying - and making - photography.