View Full Version : Linhof S.T. IV lens board retaining bracket

18-May-2010, 06:51
I have a Linhof Super Technika IV that has a broken lens board retaining bracket. I've done multiple online searches for a source for this part. I've contacted Marflex, was given a part number (045973) and ordered/received the part... but it doesn't fit the camera. I've sent them another email about this mis-fit.
Does anyone know of another source for this part?

Bob Salomon
18-May-2010, 07:18
They are the only source. But the IV is so old that some repair parts do not fit the older IV cameras. Rather then waste time why not send the broken camera to Marflex who is the only Linhof factory authorized service center in the USA and see if it can be repaired properly?

19-May-2010, 05:15
Thanks, Bob. I went ahead and did some careful filing on the piece they sent, so it fits!