View Full Version : Rodenstock Sironar 240mm

Robert Vigurs
17-May-2010, 16:50
I am considering buying a Rodenstock Sironar 240mm lens in a Copal 3. I am more interested in the Copal 3 for another lens I have, than the lens itself. I talked to a very helpful person at S K Grimes, and he explained the three sizes of Copal 3 shutters. The early white/silver ring used mostly on Japanese lenses,smaller thread size, the standard Copal 3, marked so,(m58-0.75,) and the Copal 3s which is a smaller thread size also. So it looks as if the shutter will work, however I can find no information on the lens. There is no serial #, and no N, or Apo designation. It appears to be not multicoated. Has anyone here used these early non designated Sironars? Are they 6 element, 4 groups? I would appreciate any information from any of you here with knowledge of this early Rodenstock. I thank you in advance.

Kirk Fry
17-May-2010, 23:27
I have an early Sironar 210mm. Mid 60's and Rodenstock was still figuring out the new synthetic optical adhesives at that point and many of them have separated elements. Standard plasmat design, if not separated or damaged should be a good lens. I didn't know there were three sizes of Copal 3 shutters, no wonder I never end up with one that works with regard to element swaps...... KFry

18-May-2010, 05:15
Can you post a picture of the shutter. I have two of the three Copal-3 shutters. I can probably tell you what size its going to be.