View Full Version : Non hardening Fixers ?

Rob Hale
16-May-2010, 16:56

Just about to get into non hardening fixers for prints. The TF 2 and Kodak’s F- 24 seem to be the place to start as the bulk ingredients are readily available here. I only have to bring in the sodium sulfite.
Q / 1. Should I mix this in quantity say 5 litres at a time ? or greater ?
Q / 2. If so, how well does it keep if I am use ˝ to 1 litre per week ?.
Q / 3. Does this oxides or will keep in part filled bottles ?

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Andrew O'Neill
18-May-2010, 14:55
I occassionally mix up and use F-24. It seems to keep well, but I haven't kept stock solution for longer than a month. I usually mix up a litre and use it all up by the end of a session. Basically, I mix what I need.