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16-May-2010, 07:37
Can anyone help me identify this Sinar rear standard? Photos are attached. This standard does not have the normal tilt function as the regular P rear standards do.
Some have told me this is the rear standard for a Sinar C, but it is my understanding that the Sinar C is comprised of a normal P rear standard and a normal F front standard.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

16-May-2010, 07:43
I think this was the special version they made for portraits, where rear movements would not be needed.


Armin Seeholzer
16-May-2010, 07:45
If I remember correctly it was for the Sinar Special Repro cam!

Cheers Armin

28-Oct-2011, 10:41
Is a Sinar 8x10 F rear standard

28-Oct-2011, 11:50
Is a Sinar 8x10 F rear standard
This is definitely in the P series. The F series had two vertical posts instead of the single one in the P designs.

28-Oct-2011, 12:51
Is a Sinar 8x10 F rear standard

It wasn't on mine for sure...

Robert Jonathan
28-Oct-2011, 14:16
It's a different 8x10 P standard, not the usual ones you see.

From glennview.com:

"8X10 P/C/F Special Standard bearer , from 1986 Sinar catalog.........."Sinar part number 433.52, Special Standard bearer Sinar P2/C2, Heavy duty bearer for 8X10 coupling frame". This "optimized for 8X10" standard bearer has 100 degrees of swing and 80 degrees of tilt, 70mm rise, 10mm fall, 2 bubble levels and geared focus with depth of field scale."

Except, I don't think that description is entirely correct, because it doesn't have any tilt, does it?

28-Oct-2011, 16:04
The "special 8x10 bearer" is reinforced and a bit lower than the regular 4x5, but I don't remember any other difference - it may have had more restricted movements, but it doubtlessly had tilt.

The generally advertised purpose for the non-tilting bearer seems to have been for copy cameras. But as the few used ones I've seen were from dealers specializing in government surplus, a more relevant purpose might have been dumbed-down P versions for police mugshots, where movements weren't needed and quick-change slide backs put an extra load on the rear standards.

28-Oct-2011, 23:06
It's the same as the standard on my C and it does have tilts!

Armin Seeholzer
29-Oct-2011, 02:30
It's the same as the standard on my C and it does have tilts!

Can't be there are not any knob for tilts or swings they are not needed for copy work!

Cheers Armin

John Koehrer
29-Oct-2011, 20:14
There are markings for angles on the side of the dovetail. I know that doesn't mean it has tilts but.

Armin Seeholzer
30-Oct-2011, 02:20
The scale is there, because its easier and cheaper then to put a special one there! Without knobs and mechanism there is nothing possible and it just shows fixed, just have an really good look!

Cheers Armin

Armin Seeholzer
30-Oct-2011, 02:25
By the way I have booth the standard P bearer and the strong P bearer for 8x10 and it is non of this two!!!!!

By by from Switzerland, Armin

30-Oct-2011, 12:21
It probably can tilt at the base rail joint, as that is nothing they could save weight or cost on - it very obviously cannot do the geared in-plane tilt of a regular P standard.