View Full Version : Point & Shoot 8x10 / Osaka Commercial 210mm f:6,3

Thierry Schreiner
15-May-2010, 09:37

A very simple question, please.

In fact I need a light performing lens for the 8x10 format straight and without any movements, a kind of very light point and shoot.

I have an Osaka Commercial 210mm f:6,3 lying around which from what I tested, should cover 8x10 at infinity.

Does someone out there have experience with this lens?

Is it of decent performance, or should I simply forget about it?

What lens would you recommend?

On the other extreme, would a 210mm Sironar S/Apo Sinaron SE cover my needs, though definitely neither cheap nor light?

Thanks to all out there for your input and best regards from France.


15-May-2010, 10:16
Depends on how much you want to spend. Many 210mm lenses will 'just cover' and be suitable for a non-movement camera.

Its kind of splitting hairs as to which is best. Most of them are the same size and have copal 1 shutters.

From my personal experience the 210mm Symmar-S is one of the cheapest but has the smallest circle to just make it (may be a little dark on the corners). It is listed as 297mm circle. So, I'd say that just about any listed at 300mm and above should do the trick for you if you center it just right and can stop down. If you shoot wide open/handheld, you may have to go with one of the bigger/expensive copal 3 lenses made for 8x10 cameras with movement if you can't tolerate any darkness in the corners.

15-May-2010, 10:32
A Fujinon 210 (with lettering inside the barrel) will adequately cover 810 and is one of the sharpest lenses you can buy.

MIke Sherck
15-May-2010, 10:35
The Fujinon 210/5.6 with lettering inside the lens barrel (around the front glass element,) covers with about two inches of movement. It is usually single coated. The newer Fuji 210/5.6 lenses with lettering outside the barrel cover with about 2mm movement and are multi-coated. They are exceptional lenses; one has been my 8x10 wide-angle lens for a number of years until now, when I finally got around to finding a good deal on the older lens with greater coverage.


15-May-2010, 11:37
I have one of the newer 210mm Fujinon-W lenses and can confirm from experience that it does cover 8x10 like Mike says above. It is also the sharpest lens I've ever owned.

16-May-2010, 19:38
I use a 210mm Schneider f9 G-claron. Small, light and tack sharp. Not terribly bright at f9, and I think it is only single-coated. But very reasonable at around $300 on eBay.