View Full Version : Busch's Portrait Aplanat No.4 Foc 14 ins.

Shahid Zaidi
15-May-2010, 01:31
I have also discovered this lens along with our old 10x12 camera and want to know what kind of format would it cover.

Steven Tribe
15-May-2010, 02:48
This is a high quality extra rapid rectilnear (F.6) which was called a portrait aplanat when first produced. No. 4 matches well with the focal length of 14". Vade Mecum says the next size n. 5 (18") is designed for 8x10" - but the 14" will cover at smaller apertures. It is likely that it will just cover the 10x12 camera you have with a reasonable image.

15-May-2010, 05:21
1904 catalogue entry attached


Shahid Zaidi
15-May-2010, 11:15
Thank you Steven and CCHarrison for the information. I wish we had film to work with, it is such a shame that a quality lens like this one will waste away.

Steven Tribe
15-May-2010, 12:16
10x12 film is available. I sure others would appreciate you posting a photo of the camera. 10x12" cameras were not uncommon in the glorious 1890's - and even 12x15" was a standard item!