View Full Version : Securing grips on tripod - tips wanted

15-May-2010, 00:19
I just finished cleaning and greasing the threads of an older Gitzo Reporter I received earlier this week and while that resulted in a much smoother action, I've found that several of the black plastic/rubber grips turn freely when I try to lock/unlock sections. These are not torn, simply loose in place.

What advice do you have on securing these to the aluminum legs for a non-slip grip?

I was thinking a double-stick tape would do, but are there any other adhesives or methods that you'd recommend for this fix?


David McNiven
15-May-2010, 01:25
Double-sided tape will work well if you're able to slide the ring all the way on before it sticks. The rings on the Reporter are about an inch wide IIRC so you should be OK.
For wider rings I've used contact adhesive with a "syringe". After the ring is in place the adhesive can be injected by lifting an edge just enough to insert the (thin) nozzle towards the middle of the ring and then slide the nozzle around the circumference of the ring, squeezing the tube very lightly to apply as little as possible but with reasonably even coverage.
For very loose rings (usually on older lenses) I've wrapped them tightly with string after sticking and left them to set for a day or two. Works a treat.

15-May-2010, 11:28
Thanks David, I've got contact cement on hand so I think I'll try that instead of the tape.

Jerry Bodine
15-May-2010, 11:39
Nearly all the rubber grips on both my old aluminum Series 4 & 5 Gitzos had become loose and deteriorated. I cut off the grips, went to Lowe's and bought some friction tape (comes only in flat black, in case you're concerned about color), then wrapped it around the grip areas to the desired thickness. The only tape width available was 3/4-inch but then I found that width nearly matched all the grip areas (even on a much smaller Gitzo), so I didn't have to do any width trimming on the tape. If the tape loses its tack over time from dust etc., it's easy enough to replace.