View Full Version : Gitzo tripod center column cracked

Diane Maher
14-May-2010, 19:29
Has anyone ever had the center column for their Gitzo tripod crack at the top of the tube?


15-May-2010, 08:53
Nope, but knowing them a replacement part should be available and I would not hesitate to get it fixed.


John Koehrer
15-May-2010, 09:25
If it's CF, it wouldn't be all that unusual.
I've seen another makers legs split where they install to the hinge point.

Michael Rosenberg
15-May-2010, 19:53
It happened on mine when the tripod tipped over and the head hit a rock (without the camera on it). You can invert the tube - the threads on the bottom are the same.


Diane Maher
17-May-2010, 10:19
I didn't know this. Thanks!