View Full Version : Mottle-free development of LF C-41 films

Daniel Stone
14-May-2010, 09:32
hey all,

I'm running a thread just like this one over at APUG, but since many of you aren't over there, and might have an answer to my nagging question, it'd be much appreciated!

so, here it is:

After looking at a NY pro-labs website, and pricelist http://ltiny.com/lti_pricelist.pdf ,
I noticed that they have a "proprietary process" (pg. 2 under "cp- c-41" in the .pdf), that is for c-41. My main reason for asking is because I really can't afford their prices :o, and I'd really like to do it myself for the cost-savings and the pure process, I enjoy processing my film :rolleyes:.

I've tried calling them, and after speaking to one of their techs over the phone(who was strangely nice compared to other NY pro-labs I've talked too), but since the process was proprietary, he couldn't tell me.... damn....

I'm planning on shooting around 30-50 sheets of 8x10 portra this summer in Iceland while assisting, but since I might never have the chance to go there again, I don't want to screw this up.

any ideas? I'll most likely be using a 2551 drum one sheet at a time, time isn't the problem, I just want the best results possible.



14-May-2010, 13:01
I use a print drum for 4x5 c-41 and it works great. I just make sure the rotation speed is about 1.5 turns per second and a reverse every couple of turns. Although I imagine there might be unevenness that you wouldn't see on 4x5 that you might see on 8x10.

14-May-2010, 13:54
Jobo + Kodak Chems (or possibly trebla) with an expert drum. Don't kill those iceland negs.

Daniel Stone
15-May-2010, 08:49

I was thinking that.

4x5 I won't have a problem with drum-wise. I have a 2551 tank with 2-2509n reels(with black inserts). never had a problem with those.

8x10 might be the problem. For b/w I use trays(about 4 sheets at a time, but trays are a no-no for color from what I've read. And 3:15 is WAAAAY too short for trays