View Full Version : Need brass bolt and collar for Zone VI

Martin Shakeshaft
14-May-2010, 02:05
I just bought a Zone VI camera which is in great condition apart from one catch. the collar was loose in the hole so I need to glue it back in. Unfortunately the bolt has lost its head. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement bolt and collar as in the image below (sorry taken on my phone). I could do with a few spares, I live in the UK.


14-May-2010, 02:26
You can ask Richard Ritter:

Patrick Dixon
14-May-2010, 05:35
That looks like a threaded insert with an allen-key headed bolt. If it is, and you find the right tools, you should be able to separate the insert and fix it back in the camera before refitting the catch and bolt.

John Koehrer
14-May-2010, 08:25
The fine art of ham-handed camera repair. Since it's out of the camera, you should be able to separate the two pieces. If they're whitworth a local hardware shop or woodworking supply should be able to help for the screw. the insert will be the greater problem. If you have a local machine shop they could make one or several for you.
It is just a simple rod that''s got an internal thread. The original likely had grooves to keep it in place but still.

David McNiven
14-May-2010, 08:39
haven't worked on a Zone VI but that machine screw was clearly Phillips or Pozi, not Allen head.
If the insert (collar) is intended for wood I'm not sure why the screw is so long. Usually these inserts are used in blind holes and a screw that long could be expected to either break the wood or push out the insert.
Easy enough to unscrew with two pairs of pliers now that it's come adrift.
I've always been able to find the particular screw types and other fixings I've needed on ebay - most recently Whitworth in 1/4 & 3/8 plus taps for tripod mounts - not that easy to find these days.
There's something else... if the replaced insert doesn't hold see if it's possible to press it in from the other side so that tightening the new screw doesn't pull it out of the wood but into it.
The thread is most likely metric, M3 or maybe M4 would be my guess. Whitworth is the original standardised thread system but is only still used for tripod mounts for backwards compatibility.

Dave Hally
14-May-2010, 10:01
Here is what I would do. Separate the pieces, with a vise grip on the head of the screw and a pliers on the insert. If they don'r separate, carefully cut them off.
Take the screw down to a good hardware store and get one the same thread size but shorter, only as long as the insert and latch thickness. If the insert is totally destroyed, you will need a new one the same thread size as the screw.
Back home, coat the screw with some vaseline and screw it into the insert so that it fills the insert. Using 2 part epoxy (5 minute will do), coat the outside of the insert and press it into the hole in the wood, so that the top is flush or just below the surface. Let the epoxy set up completely and carefully remove the screw. It should come out with no problem. Clean off the screw and reassemble the latch.

Martin Shakeshaft
14-May-2010, 10:46
Thanks for the help everyone. I am trying to get replacements because the bolt and insert/collar seem inseparable. I have contacted Richard Ritter (who someone tells me probably built the camera in the first place)!

An added complication is that the camera was obviously built around 1980 in the USA, so the thread is probably imperial.... Here in the UK most modern threads are metric.

Dave I was planning on following the route you suggested, gluing the insert/collar back in as the hole around it is not a tight fit. I will have to see if I can get a replacement from Richard. Or if anyone else can suggest another source for the bolts and collars.

Thanks again.


David McNiven
15-May-2010, 03:11
insertsdirect.com have inserts type B in 4, 5, and 6mm. And many others.
You can see pictures on ebay.
Told ya!